Bolts Taking on the Leadership Role for All That is Hockey in Evansville

EVANSVILLE, IN— As the only elite junior hockey team in the State of Indiana, the Evansville ThunderBolts of the NA3HL, have taken yet another major, giant step forward in making a long-term commitment to the city of Evansville, the Tri-State region and the Evansville Youth Hockey Association (EYHA).

On this date, the ThunderBolts organization has revealed detailed plans which will center on a strong partnership with the Evansville Youth Hockey Association (EYHA), expressly to prominently promote and grow the game of hockey in our community.

When the EYHA 2015-16 season opens this upcoming Saturday, October 17th at the ThunderBolts home of Swonder Ice Arena, the ThunderBolts presence will be found and seen virtually everywhere as the organization takes on the major leadership role for all that is hockey in Evansville. For more information, visit

Through this unprecedented investment in our area youth, in conjunction with our great game of hockey, the greater Evansville community and the Tri-State region will see ThunderBolts players and coaches on the ice on a regular, weekly basis for purposes of providing all-encompassing teaching and instruction for all of the EYHA member teams and their players who may very well become future star performers for their own local hometown elite junior hockey team, the ThunderBolts. It is yet another of the many ways the ThunderBolts players are paying tribute to our great game that brought them to our great community of Evansville, and with it, the wonderful reception and support they continue to enjoy.

In addition, the EYHA players skating in the 8U group, the elite junior hockey class of 2025, will be proudly wearing “Junior ThunderBolts” jerseys with the big ‘Bolts crest emblazoned on their chest with all of these jerseys donated by the NA3HL ThunderBolts.

With a mission of having a true conscience for the community, the ThunderBolts commitment to hockey leadership in Evansville also will include the introduction of four (4) “TRY HOCKEY FOR FREE” events during the 2015-16 season. Sponsored by the ThunderBolts organization, the next “TRY HOCKEY FOR FREE” event is Saturday, November 7th. To register, visit

The ThunderBolts partnership with the Evansville Youth Hockey Association (EYHA) is still another progressive, forward-thinking initiative in growing and promoting the game of hockey while at the same time solidifying the Evansville ThunderBolts long-term commitment and leadership role for the great game of hockey in our community.