Happy Holidays from TPH & the Evansville Thunderbolts

Greetings Tri-State Hockey Fans!


We would like to thank you for your continued support of the great game of Hockey in Evansville – specifically, for the Evansville Youth Hockey Association (EYHA) and all of its teams, the programs implemented by Total Package Hockey (TPH), and the Evansville Thunderbolts, our expansion team in the North American 3 Hockey League (NA3HL). On behalf of the entire TPH Family and the ‘Bolts, we would like to wish you and your family an awesome holiday season!

From day 1 we have loved our new home in Evansville. Swonder is an incredible facility, second to none in North America and we knew how intensely passionate the hockey community is and we were in the perfect spot to help foster the growth of youth hockey. What a hotbed of supporters! It is the players, coaches, volunteers and parents that are the true driving force behind EYHA and the success of our teams at every level. Under the leadership of EYHA Hockey Director Mark Cody, and support from newly appointed Assistant Hockey Director Ryan Gayso, we are seeing the organization come together in a constructive & cohesive way that bodes well for our youngsters at every level – but of course, nothing would happen without the support and commitment of our parents and volunteers! We are very thankful for this opportunity to be a part of long standing youth hockey tradition and building upon that great foundation. We will all work together to advance youth hockey, grow our grassroots, cultivate a long term love of the game while teaching life lessons thru hockey that our young players will carry with them far beyond the rink.  Thank you all for your dedication and hard work!

None of our efforts could be possible without the great job of the EYHA Board of Directors, Board President David Lewis, and the entire staff at Swonder Ice Arena, led by Bill Nadeau and Danielle Crook. Thank you all so much for your commitment to youth hockey. Also, we would like to wish Bill the best of luck in his move to North Carolina. He truly made our beginnings in Evansville much easier with his willingness to assist us in any way possible – thank you Bill!

The Thunderbolts have gotten off to a tough start in the win column thus far, but as we all know, growing a new franchise requires patience and a long term commitment for success. For those of us that have been to a game, met a player or the whole team, or spoken with the coaching staff led by former NHL goaltender Scott Fankhouser, it’s obvious there is a lot of success and positives in this first half of the season.  Thanks to the amazing enthusiasm of our rabid fans, Swonder Ice Arena is now known throughout the NA3HL as THE place for Junior Hockey. The atmosphere you all create with your backing of the ‘Bolts is second to none. We have also received great feedback on our in-game operations, hospitality to away teams and game officials, and community involvement. Our in-game operations staff of volunteers is truly awesome and we appreciate all their work. This combined with our loud and supportive fans is making Swonder a great barn to play and a tough one for our opponents to visit.  Rest assured, the record will improve, but no matter what the final standings show, the entire TPH family is proud of the Thunderbolts and PUMPED beyond words with the wonderful fans that support the team; a team that has become YOUR team!

This time of year is one of happiness, and one of friends and family. Thank you, fans, for welcoming TPH and our staff to Evansville. More than that, thank you for welcoming us into the Evansville community, and thank you for helping us all to create a thriving, successful hockey family with you, EYHA, the Bolts and TPH, that will benefit our young aspiring players for many, many years to come.


                                                                                   Merry Christmas,


                                                                                     Nathan Bowen